Hey What's Up

We're Bluelight Tapes! We're a cassette lable / distro based out of Detroit, MI (well Hamtramck to be specific) that specializes in limited run releases. We work one on one with each of our artists to ensure that everything from the color of the cassette to the font of the tiny jcard text captures the feel of the album exactly.

So you're probably wondering how this whole thing got started. I'd been seeing bands selling tapes at shows for a while and was kind of curious about it. Vinyl is rediculously popular right now, I'd personally been buying up tons of records myself. One of my favorite things about records is that you typically listen to a whole album (or at least a side) at once. I really like the idea of listening to an album as a whole instead of individual songs.

My band was releasing an EP and we ended up liking the idea of a tape. We got tapes made by a large manufacturer.... for some reason it didnt feel right. One of my pals had been running a cool little label called Emergency Tapes (look them up!), and when I got one of the tapes they made, I loved it. It sounded great and you could definitely tell it was hand made, but in a good way. I was going on tour a couple of months later and decided that a mixtape of tracks i couldnt put on line would be fun. I decided to gather up everything I needed to make them DIY style. It was an awesome learning experience, and I kind of fell in love with it.

On tour so many people were curious about tapes, what it took to make them, etc. In those conversations this project was born! We've got some pretty cool ideas in the works, I really hope you dig it!

Thanks for checking us out!

Jon Pilbeam